HR and Business Consultancy

Services Offered

Organisational research and analysis:

Through all phases of the research cycle, from gap analysis to research design, data analysis and reporting. McDowell Development Institute Consulting offers expert services in both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis.

Strategic Planning and Change Management:

Expertise includes scenario planning, planning for change and measurement of organizational behavior change via Performance Management Systems and other evaluation mechanisms.

Policy Development and Evaluation:

The MDI SA Consulting team offers services in all phases of Organizational Human Resource Policy Development and Evaluation including evidence gathering from inside and outside the organization, process facilitation and surveys.

Personnel assessment and development:

Services include the design, implementation and evaluation of personnel assessment and development systems. Members of MDI SA Consulting team are already working with such systems for the assessment and development of high potential graduates and executives for several large multinational corporations, and can offer the latest thinking and Best Practice in this area.

Our Consultancy Services includes the following:

  • Skills Auditing
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Job Evaluation and Job Profiling
  • Balanced Score Card Strategy Implementation
  • Competency profiling
  • Strategic Plan Facilitation and Workshops
  • Performance Management System Implementation
  • HR Projects Management, training and Impact Assessment
  • Diversity Audits, training and consulting
  • Policy Development
  • Team Building
  • Business development Consulting
  • Induction and Orientation
  • Employee Retention strategy design
  • Salary Reviews and Scaling
  • Payroll services
  • Job Analysis and weighing
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Equity Planning and Reporting
  • Completion of Workplace Skills Plans and Training Reports

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