Supply Chain Management in the Public Sector


Effective supply chain management is a critical function within the public sector, ensuring that resources are acquired, managed, and utilized efficiently and transparently. This training proposal outlines a comprehensive program designed to enhance the skills of public sector professionals in applying principles, regulations, and legislation underlying supply chain management. This course is particularly relevant for individuals working in public finance management and administration, providing them with the knowledge and tools to improve their competencies and career prospects.


The Supply Chain Management in the Public Sector training program covers essential aspects of public sector procurement, including compliance with legislation such as the Public Finance Management Act and the Municipal Finance Management Act. Participants will learn to identify and apply principles of supply chain management, implement policies and procedures, utilize supply chain systems effectively, and manage supplier contracts. The program combines theoretical instruction with practical applications to ensure that participants can directly apply their learning to their professional roles.


Participants are expected to have a foundational understanding of communication at NQF Level 4. By the end of this program, participants will be proficient in supply chain management within the public sector, capable of enhancing efficiency, compliance, and effectiveness in their respective roles.

Course Outline

Introduction to Supply Chain Management in the Public Sector

  • Understanding supply chain management principles
  • Evolution and importance of supply chain management in the public sector
  • Overview of relevant legislation (BEE policies, Municipal Finance Management Act, Public Finance Management Act)

Principles of Supply Chain Management

  • Elements of a world-class supply chain management system
  • Legislation and guidelines for public sector supply chain management
  • Application of e-commerce principles in supply chain management

Supply Chain Management Policies and Procedures

  • Functional boundaries of supply chain management in the public sector
  • Decision-making processes regarding quality, quantity, supplier selection, and pricing
  • Contractual principles, ethics, and codes of conduct
  • Reporting processes and compliance

Utilizing Supply Chain Management Systems

  • Transforming strategic objectives into supply chain frameworks
  • Optimization of supply chain systems and resources
  • Inventory management and procurement of bulk services
  • Achieving customer-service standards cost-effectively

Supplier Contract Management

  • Techniques and tools for contract and relationship management
  • Reviewing and adapting public sector contracts
  • Understanding terms and conditions of different contract types

Proactive contract administration

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the elements of a world-class supply chain management system.
  • Understand and apply the evolution, importance, and legislation related to supply chain management in the public sector.
  • Implement policies and procedures effectively within their organizations.
  • Utilize supply chain management systems to optimize operations and meet strategic objectives.
  • Secure and manage supplier contracts proficiently, ensuring compliance and fostering strong supplier relationships.


The Supply Chain Management in the Public Sector training program is designed to provide public sector professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage supply chains effectively. By integrating principles, regulations, and practical applications, this program prepares participants to meet the challenges of modern public sector supply chain management. We are confident that this training will significantly contribute to the professional development of participants and the operational efficiency of their organizations.

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